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The Sentinel Offering

A Practical Investment Solution

It’s A Big Wide World Out There!

Even for Advisers who are committed to the highest levels of service possible for their clients and who aim to provide a high degree of investment management on an advisory basis, it‘s tough to keep track of just what is going on everywhere. Our commissioned research shows that during 2009 there were no fewer than 60 fund managers moving investment houses. It would be a full time job just to keep tabs on personnel movements in the industry, let alone all the fund launches, closures and mergers.

The Sentinel Fund has been set up to provide all the benefits normally only enjoyed by clients with the largest amounts of money to invest, but for as little as £3000.00. Our focus is on providing ALL clients, no matter how large or small, with the same level of active and independent investment management – day in, day out.

Expertise Without Compromise

At ABS we outsource the investment expertise to three highly regarded industry investment groups. The sole job of the Investment Manager is to manage money and ensure the investment objective of the underlying fund is met.

Whilst ABS appoint the managers, the portfolios are truly independent and are completed unconnected to us. Our role is ensuring the external managers deliver the performance and risk profile required.

We are not involved in any portfolio management decisions but we do review them closely adding an additional tier of portfolio investment monitoring.

Attitude To Risk

An essential part of the investment offering to a client is ensuring what they think they want is actually relevant for their needs and then determining the investment strategy best suited to their investment risk appetite.

We all appreciate that there are untold different client needs and wants but as with all portfolios the baselines are the same:-

  • Investment GOAL – e.g. Income for retirement or growth for future school fees
  • RISK profile – how and what does the client perceive as ’risk‘
  • TIME – the longevity of investment term

The key benefits of utilising blending these Five funds is knowing your client‘s portfolio is:

  • Being managed by experts
  • Monitored regularly to ensure it’s doing what it says it’s going to do
  • and offers unrivalled access to the best Managers and Investment Houses in the industry.

Simple and effective portfolio management.

News & Articles

The investment industry offers a plethora of news, reporting on recent events and factual research information. ABS has selected some news and articles relevant to you.

Our Services

ABS provides practical investment solutions and services tailored to client needs.