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Risk Pofiler - Results
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1 - Safe, 2 - Very Cautious, 3 - Cautious, 4 - Moderate, 5 - Aggressive, 6 - Very Aggressive
Time Questions
1. It is important to be clear about when you plan to sell your investment. When do you foresee needing this money?
2. Do you have savings available to cover unforeseen expenses and events?
3. Without including your home, what percentage of your overall assets is this investment likely to represent?
Risk Questions
1. How would you describe your investment experience?
2. The security of your capital is your priority even if that means that the value of your investment may not go up as much when investment markets perform strongly?
3. The chart below shows the maximum percentage gain made and the maximum percentage loss suffered in a single year by investors in five different investment strategies over a ten year period. Looking at the potential gains you could make and the losses you might experience, which portfolio would you feel most comfortable investing in?

4. The chart below shows the fluctuations of the UK stock market over the last twenty years. As you can see the market has risen and fallen many times, often quite dramatically.

As an investor growing your capital is your main aim. You are prepared to see the value of your investment fall when markets fall and you will hold on to your investments until they recover.
5. It is likely that there will be periods when events in the economy and the stockmarket result in the value of your investment falling. If you did not need your capital for a period of ten years or more for how long would you be prepared to see the value of your capital fall before selling your investments?
6. The chart below shows how much you would have made in percentage terms from three different investments over a period twenty years. Given the potential gain an investor could have made and the way in which the investment acted and behaved during that period, which investment would you select?

7. What would be your response be if your investments fell in excess of 25% over a twelve month period?
8. All investments carry the potential to make money and the possibility of losing it. The higher the return you are looking for, the greater the risk you will need to take to achieve that goal and the more significant the falls in the value of your capital you can expect to experience. Which of the following statements best describes your feelings about this?

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